1 - Are all the photographs real?

Yes. All of the photographs of the escorts in Geneve, Lausanne, Basel, Zurich and in Switzerland have been taken by our own photographers and without any body retouching. We meet all the girls in person in their apartment or outside for a photo shoot. You are therefore GUARANTEED that they really are as they appear on the site.

2 - What is the difference between bemygirl.ch and other escort websites in Switzerland?

BemyGirl is the first independent website in Switzerland to GUARANTEE ALL PROFILES present on the portal.
We present girls selected by our team with an ARTY and CONTEMPORARY look.
The pictures are taken and edited solely by our photographers.

3 - Are all of the girls professional escorts?

No, the majority of the girls who advertise on the portal pursue other activities (students, housewives, stewardess etc.)

4 - What does "PREMIUM" mean on the homepage?

The escorts who advertise with an "PREMIUM" banner. They are experience of a higher standing.

5 - What does it mean in the categories: private and massage parlor?

The girls can receive you either in a completely private apartment or in a massage parlor which can also be like an apartment but shared with other girls.

6 - Is it legal?

Yes, in Switzerland escort activities are legal as long as the escorts are not acting under duress, if they maintain their self-employed status and while they are committed to work in compliance with the law, including provisions of the Penal Code (act of prostitution as an independent person within the meaning of art. 195 PC), Immigration Law (work permit required) and Cantonal laws and regulations around locations, times, modes of practice of prostitution and the need to obtain necessary permissions).

7 - How do I proceed to have my profile on bemygirl.ch?

You can register online to arrange an appointment for the photo shoot and to create your profile. Don't forget to add a picture without modification. BemyGirl reserves the right to accept only profiles that match with our selection criteria.

Photo shooting (between 5 and 9 photos):

Inside (Your place): 150 CHF
Outside (Park, by the lake): 250 CHF

Prices per week for your publication on bemygirl.ch:

1 week: 190 CHF
2 weeks: 150 CHF
3 weeks: 125 CHF
4 weeks: 110 CHF
8 weeks: 90 CHF

All prices are per week, paid in advanced and include VAT.

8 - How should I prepare for my photo shooting?

1. Prepare some complete outfits (dress, skirts, jeans ...) not just lingerie. Nothing vulgar.
2. If your haircut needs to be refreshed, do it ​​the day before.
3. Plan a waxing session, if necessary, a few days before.
4. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or UV sessions the day before the shooting.
5. The day before drink plenty of water.
6. Do not have a big meal just before the shooting.
7. Do not hesitate to contact the photographer if you have questions.

9 - Do I need to show my face in the pictures?

It's up to you to show your face or not in the photos. However, you need to tell the photographer before starting the shoot.

10 - How long does it take to have my profile online after the photo shoot?

The photos will be online the day after the shooting.

11 - How can I pay for my advertising?

You can pay for your advertising by:

- PostFinance Card
- Visa
- MasterCard
- At the Post Office (You need to send a copy of the receipt)
- Wire transfer (You need to send a copy of the receipt)
- Cash (Only when you make a photo shooting)

12 - Does the site operate as an escort agency?

No, BemyGirl is in no way an intermediary and has nothing to do with the activity of the advertisers on the portal. The escorts on the website are all independent in Switzerland and publish their private Swiss phone numbers.

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