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How to become an escort in Switzerland?

Are you thinking about becoming an escort in Switzerland?

BemyGirl is the first platform of high end escorts in Switzerland from Geneva to Zurich since 2012.


Join the Elite of Independent Escorts on BemyGirl!

1. Send 5 natural selfies (no filters): Submit your photos via WhatsApp to  +41 79 960 69 69

2. Motivation: Write a few words about yourself and explain why you want to join BemyGirl. Mention if you know someone on BemyGirl.

3. Wait for the response: We will get back to you within 24 hours with our decision. Only a small portion of applications will be accepted.



Photo shoot and publication

Once your application has been accepted, you will be able to book your photo session online with one of our professional photographers. 

During the photo session, we will create together your profile with your private access. Your photos will be edited within 24 hours and you will be able to publish your profile on BemyGirl.



What does the escort job involve?

In Zurich, Geneva. Lausanne or Montreux, professional escorts provide time and attention to their clients in exchange for payment. This can range from escort services to erotic services: becoming an escort girl in Switzerland with BemyGirl means that you are free to set the type of services you wish to offer yourself. 

A luxury escort is not a prostitute: not all clients ask for physical intimacy. Some of them will simply ask you to accompany them to receptions or outdoor outings during their stay in Switzerland. That's why we carefully select each woman's profile: presentation, intelligence, manner, friendliness and education are also important criteria.



The conditions to become an escort girl in Switzerland

To become an escort girl in Switzerland, you have to find a reputable platform before getting quality appointments. If you want to join the exclusive BemyGirl network, here are the requirements:


1. You must be 18 years old
You must be of age to offer your services as a hostess and escort.

2. Be of Swiss or European nationality
To register legally in Switzerland, you must be in possession of a European or Swiss passport.

3. Apply for registration on BemyGirl
BemyGirl selects qualitative profiles to guarantee satisfying encounters for both the escort and the client.

4. Register with the authorities of the canton
An escort girl is considered independent in the eyes of the Swiss law, it is therefore necessary to register with the vice brigade of the canton where you will be.

5. Book your shooting with one of our professional photographers
Specialized in erotic photography in Switzerland, we defend an artistic vision of the woman's body. 

6. Publish your profile on the platform
We guarantee the anonymity of our users and your information is carefully protected by the best security standards in force.



How does the casting of escorts on BemyGirl work?

If you are interested in becoming an escort in Switzerland, you should know that BemyGirl does not work like other platforms: we do not take any commission on the encounters and we select only the highest quality escort profiles. 

You only pay for the publication of your profile and the photo shoot. All the women who pass the casting are independent. Thus, you are free to manage your schedule and the services offered. 

You can continue to work with escort agencies in parallel. Our Swiss escort service lives simply by publishing profiles and creating art. 

In order for the casting team to confirm your application, send us 5 selfies without retouching or filters via WhatsApp to: +41 79 960 69 69. 

We will then contact you as soon as possible to let you know if your profile has been selected or not.



Booking your professional photo shoot and publishing your profile

Once your application has been accepted, you will be able to book your photo session with one of our professional photographers. You will get high quality photos to promote your profile. Lighting, angles and styles of photography: we master all these aspects and we listen to your expectations to represent the image that best fits. 

Escorts on BemyGirl are always portrayed with respect, dignity and elegance to give a luxurious image of the woman's body. 

During the photo shoot, we will also create your profile together with your private access. 

Your photos will be edited within 24 hours and you will be able to publish your profile and become an escort girl in Switzerland on BemyGirl.



Why go with a quality platform?

By joining a high end platform like BemyGirl, you work with a much stronger sense of safety and security. All the escorts and masseuses remain independent: you handle your bookings and control a quality clientele. 

Thanks to the digitalization, we offer a total transparency to the escorts who wish to offer their charm. We respect your limits and provide you with a safe digital communication platform

BemyGirl is far from being a simple erotic dating site: we cater to the needs of a high-end clientele with first class escort profiles. You will therefore meet a luxury clientele that will bring you other opportunities

We are deeply committed to the female cause and we defend the respect and integrity of our hostesses. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and/or if you wish to become an escort girl in Switzerland!