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Testimonials of escorts in Switzerland

High-end clients

"The site has allowed me to meet a serious clientele. I was able to spend a weekend on the boat of a famous Italian businessman."
- Alma, Zurich, 2023 -


Great encounters

"Before I got to know BemyGirl, I was on different advertising sites, but the clients always offered me prices that were too low."
- Sofia, Geneva, 2021 -


Artistic photos

"As a former model, I have a lot of pro photos and I was very surprised by the quality of your photographers."
- Jennifer, Geneva, 2018 -


A hotel network

"I only do outcalls and have never been able to do as many clients in luxury hotels as I have with you. From what I've seen, concierges recommend BemyGirl because it is the only one that makes a rigorous selection."
- Natalia, Lausanne, 2012


Total discretion

"I was able to block access to my profile from Belgium and, by not showing my face, I worked very discreetly and efficiently."
- Alice, Geneva, 2021


High income

"I was an escort for a year and a half in Switzerland. Thanks to you, I was able to save money and buy a nice flat in Barcelona."
- Sandra, Zurich, 2019 -

Prince Charming

"I met the man of my life, thank you all"  ❤️
- Zara, Geneva, 2017 -