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Private content (02.2022)

BemyGirl launches in January 2022 the first private content platform reserved for escorts.


Each girl can now offer her clients and followers sexually explicit content. Apart from sex dates, members can request and purchase erotic videos and photos for a fee that each independent escort will have determined.

As an innovative start-up, BemyGirl invests in the future and in digital interactions by offering today a unique content and a new form of erotic encounters.

How does it work?

To buy an escort's private content, you just have to become a BemyGirl member (for free) and buy a certain amount of credits. Then, please go to the profile of the girl in question, click on the padlock icon to read what she offers in her private content. You can choose the content you want and click on "buy". 



No censorship

BemyGirl allows any kind of sexual content without any censorship. The team validates the videos and photos according to several criteria in order to guarantee the customers a quality faithful to the values of the start-up. 
Unlike Onlyfan, the BemyGirl team meets and photographs each woman who wishes to register on the site. As a result, there are only major, independent and certified content creators.