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Independent escort casting in Switzerland

Become an independent escort on BemyGirl™ in 3 steps!

1. Send 5 selfies to  +41 79 960 69 69

2. Make an appointment for the photo shoot.

3. Publish your profile.

Option: Earn even more money by selling paid content from your account.



Frequently asked questions


1. What sets BemyGirl apart from other escort platforms?

BemyGirl stands out from other platforms as we meticulously select the most prestigious escorts in Geneva, Lausanne, and Zurich. Only a few exceptional escorts are accepted on BemyGirl.


2. How can I join BemyGirl as a high-end independent escort?

To become part of the elite escorts on BemyGirl, send 5 amateur selfies (without filters or retouching) via WhatsApp to +41 79 960 69 69. Our casting team will respond within 24 hours.


3. Why choose BemyGirl to develop your high-class escort career?

BemyGirl offers exclusive visibility to a prestigious clientele, personalized support, communication tools with VIP members, the ability to sell private content, and the opportunity to create daily video stories to make yourself stand out. For more discretion it is also possible to block access to the countries of your choice.


4. Are the photos on BemyGirl taken by professional photographers?

Absolutely, all photos on BemyGirl are captured by our team to ensure profile authenticity and reflect the platform's prestige.


5. What are the rates for a photoshoot with BemyGirl?

The rates are 150 CHF for 7 photos, 250 CHF for 15 photos, and 500 CHF for 25 photos. Details will be provided after the validation of your registration request.


6. Is it necessary to show my face in the photos?

You have the freedom to choose. You can opt for photos with or without your face, reserving access to your face for premium members.


7. What are the subscription fees for escorts on BemyGirl?

The longer the subscription duration, the lower the cost per day. For example, a one-week subscription is 190 CHF, equivalent to approximately 27 CHF per day, while four weeks are only 440 CHF, around 15 CHF per day.


8. How can I delete my escort profile from BemyGirl?

You can request the deletion of your profile at any time from your account to maintain your confidentiality.


9. What support does BemyGirl provide to escorts for success in this luxury profession?

BemyGirl offers tailored communication tools, a private WhatsApp group for escorts, and professional support to help you develop your business with peace of mind.


10. Does BemyGirl ensure the confidentiality and discretion of escorts?

Confidentiality and discretion are fundamental values at BemyGirl. We take strict security measures to protect your personal information. Your identity and data are treated with the utmost confidentiality.


11. How much income can I expect to generate as an escort on BemyGirl?

Monthly earnings for escorts on BemyGirl can vary based on various factors, but they can reach several tens of thousands of euros per month. Our platform offers exclusive visibility to a high-end clientele, increasing lucrative meeting opportunities.


12. Does BemyGirl provide apartments for escorts to rent?

We do not offer apartment rental services for escorts. However, we can provide guidance and assistance in finding suitable accommodation options based on your needs.


13. Can I use BemyGirl's photos on other platforms or websites?

The photos on BemyGirl are protected by copyright and cannot be used without prior authorization. Please contact us to discuss any potential use of photos with the logo.


14. What are the payment methods accepted on BemyGirl?

You can make payments in cash at Swiss post offices, use Twint, PostFinance, or credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. During your registration, we will provide you with all the details to facilitate secure payment.

15. Can I block my profile from some countries?

Yes, from your account you can select the countries you want to block and in this way your profile will not be visible in those countries.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or need additional assistance. We are here to accompany you on your journey as a high-class escort on BemyGirl.