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5 favorite sexual fantasies of the Swiss

Discover the top 5 sexual fantasies of the Swiss

1. Making love on a beach with an escort

37% of Swiss men imagine themselves making love on a deserted beach in good company.  That said, it can sometimes be complicated to do it right on the sand, which can seep into the genitals and thus cause discomfort. Use a fouta or a cloth for more comfort. 

In Switzerland, and more particularly in Geneva, BemyGirl recommends the Eaux-Vives beach which could, in the moonlight, become the ideal place for your first lovemaking on the sand...

2. Making love in a public place

35% of men and women alike fantasise about making love in public and unusual places, whether in Geneva or even Zurich! 

Parks, transport, museums, cinemas, supermarkets, changing rooms and restaurants are all places that are attracting more and more couples and libertines as places to have sex throughout Switzerland. 

© Henrik Purienne, Prestel, 2013

3 - Making love with a stranger in Switzerland

What could be more exciting than having sex with an independent escort girl you don't know! This anonymous meeting and sexual act remains one of the greatest fantasies of men in Switzerland, especially in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. 

BemyGirl selects and photographs independent escorts all over Switzerland to make this fantasy easily accessible and real!

4 -  The threesome

This is THE number one favorite fantasy of the Swiss. Many couples in Switzerland are looking for new experiences. The threesome is therefore a very interesting option to spice up a relationship that is drifting or has become routine... But above all, it is a unique experience to have fun with two people at the same time or even more! 

Whether in Geneva, Montreux, Basel, Zürich, Bern or elsewhere in Switzerland, on BemyGirl, it is possible to meet and have a good time with several escorts at the same time! Nevertheless, it will be mainly a question of your budget. No one is bound to do the impossible!

5 - Seeing two women touching each other: a fantasy that becomes reality. 


Watching two escorts make love is a fantasy in Switzerland that excites more than 60% of the male population and is possible. Often fans of erotic videos, customers go from virtual to real thanks to BemyGirl, which allows them to meet independent escorts offering services such as "lesbo show" between escort friends. 

Unique and legal in Switzerland, meeting escorts is a privilege that it would be a shame to miss!