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How much does an escort girl cost?

Rates of an escort girl: how much does it cost?

An escort accompanies her clients to meeting places such as a restaurant, or to more intimate places such as a hotel room or a massage parlour. Whether alone or with other guests, they satisfy their clients' need for companionship and intimacy. But how much do the services of an escort girl cost in Geneva?

Who are these escort girls?

The escorts are very attractive young women, who are in search of new experiences and adventures, and who wish to make the most of their beauty. Intelligent and cultured, they are women of the world who master the codes of each social environment and who are able to have exciting discussions with their customers. The escorts girls are often brought to practice their work in social and luxurious places. Model, student, photo model, young woman careerist: the profiles are multiple to meet the fantasies of each man.

The average rates of an escort hostess

On average, it is necessary to count between 300 and 600 Swiss francs for one hour of the company of an escort girl. This cost generally includes simply her presence and potentially a basic service, such as a massage for example. For any additional request, the escort can ask for an additional remuneration. The total cost of your evening thus depends on the services that the young woman will promulgate to you. The latter remains free of her acts and independent, she is thus perfectly entitled to accept or refuse certain services. We thus advise you to discuss directly with her before the appointment to define together the rates of the escort girl. But don't worry: no matter what the price is, the moments you will spend with your guest will be both intimate and pleasant for both of you.



Prices defined in advance

How much does a luxury escort girl cost? Again, everything depends on the young woman and the services she offers. Moreover, the price varies according to the country and the duration of the appointment. To be accompanied to a gala evening will not cost the same price as a massage evening. The notoriety of the escort is also a factor to take into account. In any case, you should know that the total amount will always be communicated during the reservation, before our confirmation. This way, you won't have any unpleasant surprises during your appointment with the escort and you can fully concentrate on the pleasure of her company. If you have other desires along the way, do not hesitate to discuss with her. They are intelligent and confident women, who are able to accompany you in the best way during the time shared together.

Where to meet an escort girl?

The activity of escort girl is not illegal in some countries, and Switzerland is one of them. All they have to do is register as an escort with the local vice squad. Meeting an escort girl is not taboo and it is not difficult either! However, you should know that, as in many sectors, quality is reflected in the price: the most sought-after escorts will inevitably charge prices proportional to the quality of their services. But you will spend a divine moment that you will not forget!



High-end escorts at competitive prices on BemyGirl

BemyGirl is not an escort agency like the others: our platform does not take any commission on appointments, which greatly reduces the cost of an escort girl for clients. Indeed, we have at heart to promote an ethical escorting. The young women we present are all independent and sometimes work for agencies in addition, at rates however higher than ours. Moreover, you have the guarantee to benefit from a reliable and quality escorting service: we realize ourselves the photos of each escort to present only verified profiles. We rigorously select the young women with whom we work and we put forward their bodies in a respectful way. We count on you to do the same during your appointments with your BemyGirl hostesses!