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How to behave with an escort

Here are some rules to follow to facilitate your first meeting with an escort

1. Read her profile thoroughly

Escorts on BemyGirl often have a lot of information on their profiles such as prices, services, and what can be expected overall during the experience.  Don't waste their time by asking them by message or on the phone for information available on BemyGirl.

2. Only contact her with a request

Send a courteous and direct message. Include all the necessary information, explaining when you would like the meeting to take place, for how long, and where. Sex workers' time is precious so try not to waste it.

3. Do not try to negotiate the price

Negotiating will make you look disrespectful and unappreciative of the escort's time and services. Do not use the example of others whose services are less expensive. If the services of the person you wish to meet are beyond your budget, go to another, or save your money for more urgent needs. 


4. Be punctual

Arriving late is not only a sign of disrespect, but will waste valuable time. Let her know if something unexpected happens. Don't arrive early either, as the person needs time to prepare, and if so, take a walk around the block instead.

5. Be your best self

Always be courteous and pleasant, unless vulgarity has been previously agreed upon. Having each partner treat the other with dignity and respect creates mutually satisfying experiences.

6. Respecting boundaries

Being in a sex trade does not remove the ability to consent, nor the critical importance of respecting that consent. The autonomy of escorts is essential, and if they tell you "no" or "stop", respect that request immediately. 

Do not push your partner to do things she does not want to do. If in doubt, before engaging in any new activity, make an explicit request. Only use violence if it has been explicitly authorised, and only in the defined setting. Ongoing consent is an essential part of any fully satisfying and dignified sexual act, and this applies equally to a fee-based relationship. 



7. Fully respect her privacy

Do not search for her social media profiles or ask for her real name. Not only will this not change the authenticity of your experience, but in a society where sex work is stigmatised, her anonymity is absolutely crucial to her safety.

8. Respect boundaries

Do not push the person to have a romantic relationship with you. If in time they feel like it, they will suggest it to you themselves. In the meantime, respecting the professional boundary is healthy and essential for any escort who seeks to clearly distinguish her clientele from the people she meets and enjoys outside of work. Payment does not preclude the inevitably human nature of the relationship.

9. Respect the time paid

While it is understandable that one does not like to be pressured to keep time, it is unreasonable and disrespectful to rely on a longer time than expected. If you wish to continue beyond the agreed time, make a request and pay the appropriate fee. Sometimes, if the sex worker is having a good time with you, he or she may offer you extra time on their own, but do not push for it: it is a privilege, not a right.

10. Gifts or tips are appreciated

These are signs that you fully appreciate the value of the escort's time and physical investment.


11. Be careful to be discreet with her

In particular, do not mention out loud the reason for your visit while you are at the door. Do not ask the guard if the escort lives on the third floor!

12. Respect her privacy

If you come across the escort in town or with someone, it is important not to approach her unless you are absolutely sure that it is acceptable for her.