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Anal sex in Switzerland

Many escorts on BemyGirl are curious to discover new sensations. One of them even confided knowing an escort who now prefers anal sex to vaginal sex. "When she tried anal, she liked it almost immediately. It was different and new," she says. The most comfortable escorts to discuss the subject confirm that sodomy offers very different sensations from vaginal penetration. In addition, "breaking this prohibition" becomes an additional excitement among escorts in private apartments. Others who have not yet taken the plunge with their partner's sex claim that stimulating the anus with a sex toy or fingers is enough to increase their pleasure during vaginal intercourse.

Sodomy, a mentality

The truth is that there are very few escorts in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich who enjoy Anal sex. It's not something that many customers want to hear. There are many things about it that can make escorts want to try it out until they enjoy it. They may end up finding it to be a heightened sexual experience that they cannot get from any other sexual act. But keep in mind that anal sex is uncomfortable. There's no way to coat it in sugar. The anal region is designed to be a one-way door. If you want to enjoy it, then it all depends on the preparation and the mentality