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Tantra massages in Geneva

Tantra is a practice that helps to get in touch with one's inner energy. In Geneva, the masseuses selected and photographed by BemyGirl offer a tantric experience for men looking for a new kind of orgasm. The objective is not ejaculation but on the contrary the control of pleasure and a sensation unique in the world.

Tantric massages in Lausanne

In the canton of Vaud the masseuses and escorts who practice tantra massage offer you to combine this with different elements of tantric aromatherapy which allows a connection to the whole body. The sexual and erogenous zones will be totally relaxed following the ceremony which will eliminate tensions. These blocking elements will all disappear and a feeling of security will invade the entire body. The masseuses in Lausanne also offer a massage of the erotic zones until total liberation.

Tantra naturist massages in Zurich

In the city of Zurich, tantric massages are based on oriental techniques that allow an integral excitation of the senses and a release of sexual desire. The masseuse gives special attention to ecstasy while eliminating moral constraints. The masseuses in Zurich are generally specialists trained in high schools of sexual and sensual tantrism. Tantra massage in Zurich can also be transformed into an erotic naturist massage with aromatic oil.

The difference between classical massage and tantra

There is an important difference between classical massage and tantric massage. In a classic massage, the masseuse works in a neutral state and the sexual side is unacceptable for many reasons. For tantric massage, the man can of course have an erection. It is essential to be in a state of love, trust and excitement. The body is allowed to become orgasmic during the practice of the massage by the masseuse. Living and accepting all of one's sensuality and sexuality, relaxation and pleasure are mutually complementary, allowing much more energy to awaken. Even if sexual sensations are not the goal of tantric massage, this remains a very important point with escorts. The sexuality of the body is used as a powerful energy resource that the masseuse uses with talent.

Tantric masseuses in Switzerland

Of course there is a profound difference between sex with an escort in Switzerland and tantric erotic massage. While in the first two cases direct exposure to intimate areas is appropriate and results in a rapid release and clearing of energy, this is not the case in Tantric practice. The rapid release of sexual energy is very difficult to control and use for healing purposes and especially for the client. The tantric masseuse will therefore use her different sensual techniques to bring her client to an inner orgasm that he would never have been able to experience otherwise.