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Medium-sized breasts of escorts in Switzerland

Here are the different variations of medium breast shapes that can be found on BemyGirl:

Escorts with round breasts
As you would expect, round breasts are fully circular and even from top to bottom.

Pear-shaped breasts
Similar to round breasts, the pear shape is circular, but the breasts are a little less bulky at the top. It is a breast highly sought after by escort clients in Switzerland.

Asymmetrical breasts
This is a pair of breasts with one larger (or smaller) than the other.

Escorts with athletic breasts
These breasts are larger, more muscular in appearance, and have less tissue. They are found among very sporty escorts.

Relaxed breasts
For the relaxed type, the breasts usually hang down and are relaxed. It is not the most aesthetic breast but it has the advantage of being natural.

Bell shaped breasts
Bell-shaped breasts are thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom. It is therefore not surprising that they look like bells. You can find them with certain escorts in Lausanne.

The slender breasts
It just means that the breasts are thinner. They are very widespread in German-speaking Switzerland.

Side position breasts
The breasts can be called lateral if the escort has a little space between her breasts. This allows in particular to make Spanish massages with oil.