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Guide to Sexual Submission

Sexual submission is a sexual practice that involves one partner submitting to the authority of another partner. This can include a variety of activities, such as physical domination, movement restriction, and other forms of control. In this guide, we will explore some of the most common practices of sexual submission.


Bondage is a practice that involves restricting the movements of one partner. This can be accomplished using a variety of means, such as handcuffs, ropes, or ties. Bondage can add a dimension of submission by placing the partner in a vulnerable and controlled position.


Spanking is a common practice in sexual submission, which involves the flogging or spanking of one partner's buttocks. This can be accomplished using hands, paddles, or other objects. Spanking can be used to punish or to stimulate erogenous zones.


Humiliation is a practice of sexual submission that can take many forms, such as verbal denigration, physical degradation, or staging embarrassing situations. Humiliation can be used to reinforce the feeling of submission and control of the dominant partner.

Physical Domination

Physical domination involves the dominant partner having physical control over the submissive partner, which can include maintaining or controlling position or physical force. This can be accomplished through wrestling games, pressures, strangulations, or other forms of physical control.

Erotic Blackmail

Erotic blackmail is a sexual practice that involves the dominant partner using threats or promises to control the submissive partner. This can include the threat of punishment or the promise of sexual rewards to gain the obedience of the submissive partner.

Tips for Sexual Submission Play

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your sexual submission play:


It is important that partners communicate their boundaries and expectations clearly before engaging in any submission practice. It is important to understand what is comfortable for the other person and to respect their limits.

Build Trust

Sexual submission can be an intense and vulnerable practice. It is important to build a relationship of trust with your partner in order to feel comfortable and safe during your submission play.

Ensure Rules Are Clear

It is important that both partners have a clear understanding of the rules and boundaries before engaging in sexual submission play. This will help to ensure that both partners are comfortable and safe throughout the experience.

Have a Safe Word

A safe word is a word that can be used by the submissive partner to communicate when they have reached their limits or if they are uncomfortable with a particular activity. It is important to establish a safe word before engaging in any sexual submission play.


Sexual submission can add excitement and variety to your sex life. By exploring different submission practices and fantasies, you and your partner can enjoy a deeper level of intimacy and pleasure. By following these tips and being open and communicative with your partner, you can create a memorable and satisfying submission play experience.