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A start-up offers escorts... with Covid certificate

Le Matin, August 12, 2021

In the sex industry, business is slowly picking up. To reassure clients, an escort platform in Geneva offers certified vaccinated people.

The pandemic and its successive waves have seriously complicated life in the sex industry, especially in the field of escort girls. In Geneva, the start-up BemyGirl now offers its clients people with the guarantee that they are fully vaccinated. By adding the mention of a vaccination passport, the erotic social network intends to stand out," the company wrote in a statement published Tuesday. It offers customers the opportunity to make their choices with complete peace of mind.


Vaccination brings business back

Since the beginning of the health crisis, "customers had remained doubtful or even fearful", the statement added. But since the beginning of the vaccination, business has picked up for the platform, which can count on 3,700 registered users and "35,000 active members": "The site has seen an increase of more than 40% in requests from non-professionals who wish to start an independent escort business. The number of visitors to the site has also risen by more than 25% since people were able to get vaccinated".

By meeting and photographing each woman visible on the platform, the company attests to the veracity of its Covid-19 certificate. With this "Covid Certificate" logo With this logo "Covid Certificate", the company "adds a vital piece of information in an environment where contacts are inevitably direct and close". This platform connects independent women with their clients, while eliminating intermediaries. It is not an agency and does not charge a commission on customer transactions.

Eric Felley