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The Japanese sex fetish

In Japan, sex is the second largest national industry even before electronics...

When you think of Japan, you automatically think of weird and kinky fetishes. So, if your New Year's resolution is to expand your sexual horizons and try all sorts of new and crazy things in bed, then a trip to Japan must be on your list.

Can't make it to Japan? No worries, we're here to offer you a short list of the craziest Japanese fetishes you should try with your favorite escort on BemyGirl!

All you have to do is open your mind to new sensations and leave traditional beliefs behind, as there is nothing familiar about the way Japanese people relate to sex.


Gaman Kao

Gaman Kao translates to "face of patience" and is an affinity for the faces a person makes during sex. This fetish, like most Japanese fetishes, has nothing to do with sex itself, nor with sexual body parts, it only refers to the faces a person makes in the heat of the moment. 

People who are passionate about Gaman Kao are not interested in the body parts related to sex, they only want to see the expressions on the woman's face when she reaches orgasm. So try to watch in detail the face of your escort when you make love to her or when she takes pleasure with a sex toy.


Datch Waifu

Did you know that some of the most sophisticated sex dolls in the world are created by Japanese people? Every year, tens of thousands of Japanese men try to cope with their loneliness by buying or renting a Datch Waifu, also known as a "Dutch Wife". 

The Datch Waifu is an ultra-realistic sex doll, made of the highest quality silicone, with very realistic eyes and skin. 

She was created for those who do not have the time or skills to meet and have sex with a real woman. In Switzerland for the more shy people, we have escorts who take great pleasure in introducing intimate pleasures.


Face Farting

Face farting is very popular in the Japanese fetish world and has its roots in ancient Japanese culture, where women were forbidden to fart in the presence of other people. This fetish is not only about smelling a girl's fart, but also about farting on your face. 

The ideal fart is smelly and as loud as it can be. Yes, as weird as it sounds, face farting is a thing.... and you can try it yourself!



The love pillow

Pillows with Manga prints on them are very fashionable in Japan. You can order your pillow with your favourite character printed on it and you will receive a special pillow with anatomically shaped body parts and a removable, washable hole. So you can say goodbye to cold and lonely nights!



This different type of brothel has taken the Japanese business world by storm, attracting people eager to live out their forbidden fantasies. Imekura's are decorated to transport customers into their wildest fantasies. 

While some rooms are decorated in a glamorous manner, most rooms attempt to recreate everyday environments such as classrooms, locker rooms, hospital rooms and even groping on public transport. These are scenes recreated to fire the imagination and heighten desire. Each room is occupied by a willing actress who will act exactly as the client wishes - from reticent and innocent to wild and sexy.



The nappy fetish began with the need of middle-aged men to lose control and be taken care of after a hard day, just like a baby. Today, the fetish has grown and developed to include both women and clients wearing nappies and also accessories like dummies and milk bottles. 

This crazy Japanese sexual subculture has spread all over the world, so don't be surprised if an escort offers you this service in Geneva or Zurich.



Zettai Ryokiu

Zettai Ryokiu is related to the knee-length socks worn by young women in Japan. It is a fetish of the body part that refers to the bare area between the edge of the sock and the mini-skirt. It seems that many men get turned on by the sight of this tiny area of uncovered skin. So ask your escort to dress like this.

Are you intrigued? Then leave your inhibitions aside and choose to explore your wild side with BemyGirl escorts... who knows, maybe you'll discover new sex games you'll love!