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Prostitutes must declare their vaccination status

Blick, August 11, 2021

Safety first, especially in the sex trade. That's why prostitutes in French-speaking Switzerland are now required to declare whether or not they have been vaccinated against Corona.

Vaccination is also an issue in the sex industry - and how. In order for clients to be safe, prostitutes in French-speaking Switzerland are asked to indicate their vaccination status. Anyone looking for a woman online can then see at a glance whether she has been vaccinated against Corona or not. A blue symbol with the inscription "Corona certificate" provides information on this subject.the directory of escorts is behind it, as reported by 24 hours. Of the 36 women, 17 are already marked as vaccinated. Women do not have to indicate whether they are vaccinated, says Antoine Maillard, head of the site. "But if they want to, they can do so," he tells "24 Hours". Reason for the vaccination information: customers stayed away because of Corona. "We noticed a drop in the number of visits with Covid. Some clients were reluctant, and this information now provides clarity," Maillard says.


"We can't force escorts to get vaccinated."


At Venusia, a brothel in Geneva, prostitutes can also declare their vaccination status. "We don't force them to do it, but we ask them," explains the owner. About half of the women have now received the full vaccine. The goal is for all to be vaccinated. That should happen by January. The women were doing this mainly for clients. Most of them are young and see no immediate danger in Corona. It has never happened before that a client asked for a vaccinated prostitute.Meanwhile, the Relax Center in Bulle FR relies on the tests. "We can't force escorts to be vaccinated. It's up to each individual to decide whether or not to do so," explains Loïc Duc, the establishment's director. The women who come to work must present a rapid test and a PCR test every week. But if the tests were to cost anything in the future, the Relax Center would have to find a solution. (jmh)