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An escort girl claims to be a victim of censorship

Léman Bleu, September 2, 2021 (video)

© Copyright 2021, Léman Bleu, 02.09.2021

An escort girl considers herself a victim of censorship: the Mont-Blanc car park has refused to put up a hundred of her advertising posters on the walls of its basements. Parkgest, the owner of the premises, had initially accepted this campaign before reversing its decision.

A hundred posters on their hands

On the poster in question, an escort in a stable milking a goat. This independent escort is Elise, the muse of the escort website Bemygirl. On the poster, a QR code intended to attract the curious on the internet platform. A hundred of these placards were to be displayed in the basement of the Mont-Blanc car park during the whole month of September, supporting the escort. But at the last moment the management changed its mind. The management of the escort company BeMyGirl, who refused to speak to our camera, gave us their explanation in writing. She mentions an eye-catching but respectful visual:

No vulgarity or nudity

"The entiretý of the posters does not include any nuditý or vulgaritý which respects any type of audience. Despité this, the Parking du Mont-Blanc immediately censored the campaign and refused́ any compensation for the printing costs, even though they had been validated beforehand. "When contacted, the private company Parkgest justified its decision: 'we refused this campaign because its content does not comply with our advertising policy,' Parkgest's management stated.  

No, there was no censorship  

Is there censorship? "No, a private company has the right to contract or not to contract with an advertiser. I think there is only one limit, that of equal treatment," explains Nicolas Giorgini, a lawyer specialising in communication law. Several posters of the same type have made the news in recent years in Geneva: among them, the placards of the Vénusia massage parlour in 2019 on the occasion of the women's strike, as well as another of their posters censored in 2010 by the canton.

Denis Palma