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Elise at the farm: the Swiss escort who puts the feminists in PLS!

Playboy France, February 2022




Elise, a Geneva escort who is not afraid of the eyes (and not only of the eyes), believes she is a victim of censorship. The city of Geneva and the Mont-Blanc parking lot refused to put up a hundred of her advertising posters. On the posters in question, Elise is in a stable caressing the goats, playing with the horses, milking the cows, then drinking fresh milk from a goat's udder. "But where is the harm? I do what I want with my body and my free time" repeats Elise, with strength and conviction. Direction the farm for a shocking interview. Yes, love is in the field!


PLAYBOY: Your advertising campaign, "Elise à la ferme" was censored by feminists. Why was this?

ELISE: The feminist association that is attacking my campaign believes that my posters give a "submissive and objectified" image of women and that they refer to "pornographic codes". It also seems that my cleavage is a problem, even if you can't see my breasts.  

I can assure you that I am neither objectified nor submissive. I have been legally practicing this profession for 5 years, as a sole proprietor. I am a fulfilled woman. My family life is stable and I have been building a wonderful relationship with my partner for ten years. My parents and my sisters are aware of my activity, they respect it and they support me. The same goes for my clients who have always been respectful, both physically and verbally.

As an entrepreneur, I wanted to promote myself in the spring of 2021 and I turned to the website. We imagined and created together this advertising campaign with the greatest respect for my person and with my validation at each step. The interactive video and the posters of "Élise à la ferme" were created on my family farm. I grew up in the country surrounded by animals, so I was 100% in my element. This advert is therefore a reflection of me: natural, funny and offbeat.

PLAYBOY: Do you understand that an association that defends women's rights does not respect the choice of a free and independent woman?

ELISE: No, it's not logical. I work in Switzerland and I have the right to advertise like any other company. I am declared, I pay my taxes, my social charges and I contribute to my pension. I should not be discriminated against.

The association claims that my posters give an "inappropriate representation of sexuality". So I ask myself, "What is an appropriate representation of sexuality?" In my line of work, I see how sex-related fantasies can take many different forms. Sexuality, in essence, is not something conventional, quite the contrary. It concerns everyone, straight people as well as the LGBT community. Everyone has the right to live his or her relationship to sexuality as he or she sees fit, with respect for the person and his or her partners. If I am lucky enough to do my job for passion, it is unfortunately not the case for all my colleagues. They are still too numerous to be exploited by a pimp or a madam. They are the ones who need to be defended by the associations. In my opinion, this is a much more urgent fight than my cleavage.

PLAYBOY: More generally, do you understand that some people may be shocked by this series of photos?

ELISE: Yes, I understand. We all have different perceptions depending on our upbringing, life experiences and beliefs. But in general - with the exception of the feminist association - I have had nothing but positive feedback on my advertising campaign, from both men and women. I have seen first hand the reaction of passers-by to my posters. Most are intrigued, stop and smile. What's great is when there are two of them and they discuss the poster. Some think it's an ad for milk. Others are laughing their asses off and take a picture of it. Even police officers from the vice squad confided that they were fans of the campaign. 



PLAYBOY: You're in your cleavage, in your panties on a farm and drinking milk directly from a goat's udder. What is the message? Submission?

ELISE: It' s not about being submissive, it's just about being playful and natural. Drinking fresh milk directly from the udder is a childhood memory for me. When I was little, my parents and I used to go to the farm next door to buy cow's milk. We would take the opportunity to watch the milking. Sometimes the farmer would offer me to taste the milk by squeezing the udder of a cow. It was fun to catch the spray in the air and to taste the whole milk while it was still warm. It's done in the business, there's nothing shocking about it.

It didn't bother me at all to do the "Elise on the farm" photo shoot in my underwear. In the summer I am often in a bikini to sunbathe in the field next to the farm or to shower my mare after a long ride. It was not the first time that the local farmers saw me with my buttocks in the air!

After that, of course, you can interpret the poster as you want. Some will imagine that the milk represents sperm and that my position is similar to a pornographic scene. But even if the poster really did echo this, would it still be a question of submission? My answer is no. There are women who love to take in their mouths, just as there are men who love to give cunnilingus to women who get very wet. The problem is that by labeling this practice as "degrading for women", we condition them to be ashamed of it. Personally, when I perform fellatio, I don't feel submissive, on the contrary, I feel in a position of power: I have the remote control!

Every woman must be able to live her sexuality as she wishes, free, without complexes, without anyone telling her "this is good, this is bad, this is shameful". 

PLAYBOY: Are you going to file a complaint against the feminist association that orchestrated the censorship?

ELISE: No. We're going to avoid an endless war. But I'm glad I was able to express my views in the media. 


PLAYBOY: You define yourself as a "free and independent" escort. What does that mean?

ELISE: It means that I don't work for a salon (= brothel), nor for a pimp. 100% of what the clients pay is mine. In terms of my daily work, I set my own hours, I decide which services I offer and which I refuse. I choose my clients generally by feeling, after exchanging messages.

Legally, I work as a sole proprietorship domiciled in Geneva. I am supported by a fiduciary for the accounting and the administrative formalities.

Being an independent escort allows me to enjoy a great freedom but requires a lot of organization and rigor. At the beginning, I had to look for an apartment to receive my customers. It wasn't easy, because the real estate market is very tight in Geneva. I also had to make sure that it would not pose a problem with the neighborhood. When you work in a salon, you don't have to worry about this kind of problem because it's the manager who takes care of it.



PLAYBOY: What does a typical day look like?

ELISE: Wake up at 7am, morning gym, breakfast, bathroom, bike ride to work (with my dog in the trailer). From 9am to 6pm: client meetings (between 2 and 8 meetings per day, most of the time at my place, sometimes at the hotel or at the client's). 6pm: bike ride home, dinner, paperwork and computers. I try to go to bed around 11pm.

NB: The time spent physically with my clients represents about half of my work time. The rest is all the hygiene and beauty prep, cleaning, laundry, messaging, scheduling appointments, setting up the space, buying supplies, accounting and marketing. 

PLAYBOY: Can you describe your job?

ELISE: Already done in the other questions

PLAYBOY: What makes your business different from prostitution?

ELISE: My job as an escort is a form of prostitution, let's face it. Of course, my rates are higher (450€ per hour) but I really want to say that thanks to, which is the high-end reference platform dedicated to independent escorts, I have access to a clientele that is globally well off, generous and cultured.

Also, my appointments include a lot of "social time" but, as far as I am concerned, 60% of the appointment remains sexual.

In any case, I am proud of my job. Just like a nurse's aide or a physiotherapist, I am in physical contact with the clients to make them feel good. During the rest of the time, we talk, we talk about family, work, friends, Netflix series, we laugh, we nap, we exchange tips, we watch funny videos on Tik Tok or pictures of our last vacation... Each appointment is unique.

PLAYBOY: Why did you become an escort?

ELISE: First of all because I love sex and secondly because it pays well. And also because it makes nice stories to tell during the family meals. PTDR

Some people collect art objects, I collect sexual experiences. Every man who walks through my door is a unique specimen that I study and enjoy.

I like to observe the diversity of anatomies, to be inspired by the know-how of my clients, their knowledge and their experience. Each of them teaches me something, whether it is sexual or not. Being an escort is a kind of magic power that allows you to skip the steps in the male-female relationship and to enter directly into the intimacy.



PLAYBOY: Who uses your services?

ELISE: 95% of them are men. I also get couples from time to time. My clients come from very different backgrounds. A lot of them are in finance, insurance, trading, IT and engineering. But besides that, I also get craftsmen, teachers, policemen, farmers, artists, doctors, students, lawyers, workers, engineers, prison guards and even unemployed people. The average age of my clients is around 40. The youngest are in their 20s, the oldest are in their 70s. 

PLAYBOY: Any famous people among your clients?

ELISE: A few years ago, I had a famous Parisian lobbyist as a client, whose name I won't mention. He took me on vacation in the south to the home of one of his friends, a journalist and presenter who is often seen on television. Today, I have a few writers and businessmen among my regular clients, but I confess that I have not looked into their degree of notoriety. 

PLAYBOY: Legend has it that footballers, politicians and Yves Bouvier are loyal clients...

ELISE: I've never had the pleasure of meeting Yves Bouvier. I don't have any political clients, at least not that I know of. As for professional footballers, I meet them from time to time but I don't think they are famous (well, at the same time, I don't know much about soccer). To be honest, I don't give much importance to the notoriety or wealth of my clients. I give priority to respectful, friendly, humble and clean men. 

PLAYBOY: You must have some great stories to tell. Can you share with us the 3 most juicy anecdotes?

ELISE: I have a regular client who asks me to insert a chopstick into his urethra when he has an erection. It's a delicate operation. I always feel like I'm in an operating room when I'm doing it. One day, a client asked me to make sure my riding boots were dirty with horse manure. Then he asked me to come to his house so he could lick them while masturbating. He also asked me to crush his testicles and penis with said boots.Once with a client we made love at the movies in front of Jurassic World 2. There were only two other people in the room, we were discreetly seated at the back. It's very strange to suck while watching dinosaurs eating people, the whole in a hell of a noise with cries of panic.

Little bonus, some requests that I was made but that I refused:

- the guy who wanted to bite my toenails;
- the guy who wanted to have sex specifically when I had my period;
- the guy who wanted me to walk him on a leash like a dog, naked, in the park in the center of Geneva;
- the one who wanted me to fart in his face;
- the guy who wanted me to crush incandescent cigarettes on his genitals;
- the student who wanted to eat used condoms. 



PLAYBOY: How does a date with an escort go?

ELISE: As a general rule, I welcome the client to my home and we get to know each other over a drink. Then he takes his shower and joins me in the room. We start gently with caresses, kisses, preliminaries, then we make love. Depending on the client and my mood at the time, it can be super intense and passionate, or more tender and gentle. Generally, when we are done, we rest on the bed, we talk and we laugh. We take the opportunity to confide in each other. 

PLAYBOY: Can a client ask you for help if he's on a low salary?

ELISE: He can, but he'll have to eat pasta for the rest of the month. My lowest rate is €250 for 30 minutes. That's a lot of money for someone earning minimum wage. However, if he comes to see me once or twice a year, it's possible. I have people who do this. I even have unemployed people as clients.

PLAYBOY: What attracts you to this business: the sex, the money or the independence?

ELISE: Definitely all three. It's hard to put a hierarchy between the three.

Sex is my engine, my motivation. Getting up in the morning and telling myself that I'm going to have sex with 5 guys in a day, it puts me in a good mood. I have many regulars but I like to see new faces from time to time. It's the surprise, the thrill of the unknown! I need adrenaline.

Money, for me, is synonymous with freedom and serenity. I grew up in a family where we didn't have much money. We were always stressed about the budget and the fear of tomorrow. There were some very difficult winters when we didn't even have heating. Today, I am much more serene and I have savings in case of a problem. Unlike many escorts, I don't buy luxury goods like Louis Vuitton bags, Louboutin shoes or expensive jewelry. I'm not interested in that. On the other hand, to realize little girl's dreams like going skiing, paragliding or swimming with multicolored fishes in the Caribbean, there I say yes! As they say, money doesn't make you happy, but it contributes greatly to it.

Being independent is the icing on the cake. No one to tell me what to do, no one to report to, I can take time off whenever I want. It's the best.



PLAYBOY: What's more important, sex or money?


PLAYBOY: What kind of guy are you?

ELISE: Oh, there are so many, I could write a novel! As a general rule, I have a thing for athletic guys. There's a reason why I participate in so many Spartan races, it's to look at V-shaped bodies! I really like men who are taller than me, this imposing side gives me the shivers. I also noticed that I have a weakness for clear eyes, it hypnotizes me, it's as if I lost the use of my brain. There is another thing that excites me too, it's the tattoos. Beautiful designs on calves, arms or back, I love it. I also have a fantasy with firemen, policemen and military men. It's a bit of a cliché, but I can't help it. When I ride my bike to work and I see a cop car, I lick my lips and imagine that I will be taken to the station.

Character-wise, I enjoy the company of optimistic men, who focus on the positive aspects of life. I like men who are reassuring and protective, but who respect my freedom. Generally, when I am given orders, I do exactly the opposite. Tact and diplomacy work very well with me. I also have a weakness for guys who are a bit shy. It awakens in me a kind of predatory instinct that makes me want to do sexual things with them. Finally, I like guys with a sense of humor. I love to make jokes like putting firecrackers under the toilet bowl, throwing incongruous objects at the guy while he's showering, or changing his computer wallpaper while his back is turned and putting a disgusting picture in its place. You better like to laugh or it won't come across! 😄

PLAYBOY: Where will you be in 5 years?

ELISE: Still in Geneva I think. I like my life the way it is and I want to work in my profession as long as possible. I would also like to go work in the German part of Switzerland, like 15 days 3X/year. I've noticed that most of my Swiss-German clients are good shots. Coincidence? I don't think so. To find out for sure, I'll have to go and investigate in Bern or Zurich. Elise De la Villardière live from the bourbines (see Marie-Thérèse Porchet's sketch - La leçon de géographie).

PLAYBOY: A winking question: you are free, independent and have sex as you please. Aren't you a true feminist?

ELISE: Yes, I am! I am a feminist in the sense that I defend the rights and freedoms of women. Each one of us should be able to have her body as she wishes. Whether it's having children or not, dressing sexy or not, waxing or not, charging for sex or not.

When I see that in France, some people are trying to ban prostitution, it's like saying "Ladies, you are too stupid and irresponsible to decide what to do with your body. We know better than you, we are intelligent, we invented the concept of unavailability of the human body. And because it sounds good, we're going to tell you what to do with your vagina.

Personally, I find this concept of "unavailability of the human body" completely fucked up. Are we talking about the unavailability of the human body of the cleaning lady who has both arms in the shit to clean the toilets? Are we talking about the unavailability of the body of the worker who shoots his lungs out with toxic products at the factory? Are we talking about the unavailability of the human body of the professional rugby player who blows his brains out at every match and ends up with Alzheimer's at 30 years old? We don't forbid them to work.

I claim a decomplexed sexuality and a desire equal to that of men. In my opinion, we must get rid of the idea that the penetrator dominates and the penetrated is dominated. Not only does it condition women to believe that they are undergoing the sexual act, but it also puts pressure on men who imagine that they will have to manage everything alone and that they will be the only ones responsible if they fail.

It would be cool if women took more initiative when it comes to sex. Instead of passively waiting for a man to give them pleasure (a technique that is not very effective by the way), they should go and get it. Guide her partner, talk to him, suggest a position or a rhythm, play with angles, pressures, dare ladies! It's amazing how many men like to be used as a sex toy. By the way, let's note that if the Mrs. is burdened with household chores and spends more time than the Mr. managing the household, you can't expect her to have the energy to do all that. Word to the wise 😉  

Unlike other feminists, I don't hate men, I love them. I would be pretty damn sad if they weren't around! They deserve to have comfortable, free, strong and fulfilled women by their side. 



PLAYBOY: How much do you earn from this activity?

ELISE: Several thousand Swiss francs a month, but I won't say more! I earn enough to cover my expenses, save a little for my old age, go on vacation from time to time and buy gluten-free vegan kibble for my dog Rex - just kidding - his name is Peso. 

PLAYBOY: Did you have a vocation as a kid? What training did you have? School? Escort school? 

ELISE: I didn't really have a vocation when I was a kid. I changed my mind all the time. I did all my schooling in France. In high school, I was the uptight, lonely nerd, always hiding in the library. In high school, I was always very studious but I quickly discovered the joys of sex. I spent my weeks in boarding school studying and my weekends in nightclubs looking for sex. One night, I was spotted by a stripper in a nightclub. She offered me to work with her on weekends, as a gogo-dancer. I accepted. That did not prevent me from passing my baccalaureate with an average of 18.75 and receiving the congratulations of the jury. I still didn't know what job I wanted to do.

A bit haphazardly, I did a law degree at the University of Savoie, then I was hired as a legal assistant in an accounting firm in Chambéry. I stayed there for almost 3 years. The work environment was rather pleasant and I had a very nice boss. But despite that, I was bored and a little depressed. Fortunately, on weekends, I was still working as a gogo-dancer and even as a stripper for birthdays and bachelor parties. I was having the time of my life. I was doing shows all over the region, each time it was a new adventure. 

One evening, I met a rich Jordanian businessman who proposed that I spend the night with him in his villa in Geneva. I accepted, out of curiosity. We didn't talk about money. We slept together and the next morning, before I left, he gave me a box. Inside, there was 2500 CHF and a new Rolex. I was hallucinating. That's when I realized that I had just made my first pseudo-experience of escorting. As I liked it, I decided to put ads on Swiss websites, especially on That was the beginning of my success. I got to the point where I was combining my work as a lawyer, a gogo dancer and an escort. It became unmanageable, I had to make a choice. I resigned from my job as a lawyer and chose to invest myself 100% in escorting. I don't regret it, it's one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

PLAYBOY: Do you work only in Switzerland or all over the world or in Europe?

ELISE: I work 99% in Switzerland, mainly in Geneva and occasionally in Lausanne. I feel good here, I find the people respectful, polite and the wages are high. Prostitution is legal and as such, I benefit from the protection of a specific police force, the Brigade des Mœurs. As I have Swiss nationality (in addition to French nationality), I can work without a work permit and that's really cool. To top it all off, we have a really beautiful setting in Geneva: the lake, the surrounding countryside, all this while having the advantages of a big city.

Not to mention that my partner, my family and my dog are in the area. Actually, I don't need to travel to meet people from all over the world, Geneva is such a cosmopolitan city!

I sometimes receive requests from clients who would like to stay abroad with me, but I usually refuse. First of all because it takes a long time to organize and then because 9 times out of 10 I don't know the client. It is one thing to spend 2 hours with a stranger, it is another to spend several days H24 with him. It's enough that I can't stand him for the heavenly stay to turn into hell. If I'm going to travel, I might as well do it for a real vacation, in relaxation and tourism mode.

PLAYBOY: Do you like to shock?

ELISE: Yes, it's a way for me to get people out of their daily routine. It's a bit like an artistic process, I like to create emotion. However, I don't want to traumatize people either. What I want is to surprise them, make them smile or even laugh and stimulate their imagination.

The goal is that when they pass in front of my posters, they stop dead in their tracks and say "But WTF? 

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