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Elise, independent escort: "I am neither objetised nor submissive!"

Le Temps, October 8, 2021

Opinion. What is an appropriate representation of sexuality? writes Elise, an independent escort in Geneva. Sexuality, in essence, is not something conventional


Elise, a Geneva-based escort, wanted to advertise, with her advertising platform Bemygirl. Her posters were refused by the Mont-Blanc car park in Geneva, which had nevertheless accepted the campaign. Elise then fixed them on a car in town, where they were destroyed. And the association DécadréE filed a report with the Swiss Commission for Fairness. "Le Temps" has put together the two points of view


Opinion Elise, independent escort in Geneva


Hello, my name is Elise and I am an independent escort in Geneva.

I have been practising this profession legally as a sole trader for 5 years. I am declared, I pay my taxes, I contribute to the AVS and for my 3rd pillar. I would like to say that I am a fulfilled woman. My family life is stable and I have been building a wonderful relationship with my partner for ten years. My parents and sisters are aware of my business, they respect it and they support me unconditionally. The same goes for my clients, who have always shown respect, both physically and verbally.

As an entrepreneur, I wanted to promote myself in the spring of 2021 and I turned to the website. We imagined and created this advertising campaign with the utmost respect for my person, with my validation at every stage. The interactive video and posters for "Élise à la ferme" were created on my family farm. I grew up in the countryside surrounded by animals, so I was 100% in my element. This advert is therefore a reflection of me: natural, funny and offbeat. My family and I are very proud of it!

I consider that my profession is as respectable as any other and that it should not be discriminated against or taboo. As an escort, I am not only a sex professional, I often take on the role of psychologist, sexologist or coach (I am passionate about outdoor sports and like to share my experiences). I receive many clients who are stressed, depressed, or with low self-esteem. When they leave with a smile on their face, confident and relaxed, it gives me great satisfaction.

I was very surprised that a feminist association filed a complaint. As a Swiss woman, I am free to choose and responsible for my body. I also consider myself a feminist in the sense that I advocate the defence of our rights and freedoms. I claim a sexuality that is not constrained and a desire that is equal to that of men.

All the posters do not contain any nudity, which respects all types of audience. Despite this, the association reproaches me for "a very low-cut top". I am also criticised for a posture that "reinforces a feeling of objetisation" and a "submissive attitude". I can assure you that I did not feel objetised or submissive.

The association goes on to say that my posters would provoke "an inappropriate representation of sexuality". So I ask myself: "What is an appropriate representation of sexuality? In my job, I see how sex-related fantasies can take different forms and represent a great diversity. Sexuality, in essence, is not something conventional, quite the contrary. It concerns everyone, it seems to me, both heterosexuals and the LGBT community.

Everyone has the right to live their relationship to sexuality as they wish, with respect for their person and their partner(s). If I am lucky enough to do my job out of passion, it is unfortunately not the case for all my colleagues. There are still too many of them who are manipulated and used by a pimp or a madam. They are the ones who need to be defended by associations. In my opinion, this is a much more urgent battle to wage than that of my cleavage.

I sincerely regret that the DecadréE association did not take the time to contact me or to open the debate before filing a complaint. Perhaps they would have understood that this was a voluntary step in which I am absolutely conscious and comfortable.

I would be happy to meet with her members to exchange and share our views, if they wish, of course. I am in favour of respect and tolerance through openness and dialogue.